Ld Oxford, Bodleian Library, Laud Misc. 243[1]

A semi-diplomatic transcription of the final scribal state

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    Nu[2] ƿe sceolan herıan[3]      heo|fonrıces[4] ƿeard·

    metudes mıhte|      [ond][5] hıs modgeþanc·

    ƿeorc ƿulderfæ|der·[6]      Sƿa he ƿundra gehƿæs[7]

    ece| drıhten

5     þa he ærest sceop      eorðe| bearnum

    heofon to hrofe·

    þa mıd|dangeard      moncynnes ƿeard

    ece| drıhten      æfter teode

    fyrum on| folden[7]      frea ælmıhtıg

    halıg scyp|peod·[8]|


[1]The [semi-]diplomatic transcription of Ld in Dobbie 1937 (41) is inconsistent in its representation of manuscript word spacing and division. The invariably insignificant differences have not been noted.

[2]Nu... scyp|peod·|] Some damage to letters in left-hand margin due to trimming.

[3]herıan] herian is repeated with second occurrence deleted by underlining. A similar correction has been made in W (herıan|herı).

[4]heo|fonrıces] Right horizontal strokes of (expected) <f> visible.

[5][ond]] Fragment of (presumed) nota is visible in margin.

[6]ƿulderfæ|der·] The right hand of the loop of the second <d> is visible in margin.

[7]gehƿæs] Rubbing has damaged the bottom parts of the <h>, <ƿ>, and first loop of the <æ>.

[7]folden] The descender of initial <f> has been partially trimmed.

[8]scyp|peod·|] scyp is smaller and slightly above the line established by the other words. It is, however, in the same hand and the same colour ink. The descender of the second <p> has been trimmed.