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References in the index are by chapter/note and paragraph number, separated by a point (e.g. 6.2 refers to chapter 6, paragraph 2). When a single number or letter appears, the whole chapter or note is being referred to (e.g. D refers to all of note D). Endnotes are referred to by the chapter/note and paragraph number of the reference point, followed by the note number (e.g. 1.21n8 refers to endnote eight in chapter 1; the note is associated with chapter 1, paragraph 21). If the material referred to is found in both endnote and the associated paragraph, only the chapter and paragraph number are given.

General Index

Manuscript index

References marked Passim in the Manuscript index contain information about the recensions to which individual manuscripts belong. While the information is relevant to the manuscripts in question, the manuscript shelf-mark or sigla do not always appear in the referenced sections.