Hr Hereford, Cathedral Library, P. 5. i[1]

A semi-diplomatic transcription of the final scribal state

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    Nu ƿe sceolan herıan      heofon|rıces[2] ƿeard

    metudes[3] mıhte      ond hıs| modgeþanc[4]

    ƿeorc ƿulderfæ|der      sƿa he[5]

    ærest sceop      eorðe| bearnum

5     heofon to hrofe·

    þa| mıddangeard      moncynnes| ƿeard

    ece drıhten      tefter[6]| teode

    fyrum on folden      frea| ælmıhtıg

    halıg scyppeod·|


[1]The [semi-]diplomatic transcription of Hr in Dobbie 1937 (41-42) is inconsistent in its representation of manuscript word spacing and division. The invariably insignificant differences have not been noted.

[2]heofon|rıces] First <o> written over what may be an <l> or the descender of some other character.

[3]metudes] <tu> shows flaking. Not mentioned by Judge 1934.

[4]modgeþanc] <g> perhaps written over earlier character.

[5]he] Equivalent to “line 4” of CArms and Ld is missing at this point in Hr.

[6]drıhten tefter|] The <t> between drıhten and efter is presumably a misreading of the first part of the <æ> digraph in an exemplar reading æfter. See also drıntınc ef|ter (Di, 8a-b), where a similar error occurs.