CArms London, College of Arms, s.n.[1]

A semi-diplomatic transcription of the final scribal state

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    Nu ƿe sceolon[2]|| herıan      heofanrıces ƿeard

    metudes mıhte·      ond hıs modreþanc

    seorc ƿulderfæder||      sua ƿundre geƿas·

    ece drıhten

5     þa he ærest scop      eorðe bearnum

    heofon to rofe||

    þa mıddangeard      moncynnes ƿeard

    ece drıhten      æfter

    sysum on folden      fre almnhtyg[3]||

    halıg scyppend[4]


[1]A few insignificant differences in the transcription of manuscript word spacing among this transcription, Humphreys and Ross 1975, and Cavill 2000 have not been noted.

[2]Nu ƿe sceolon|] Added above final words (Nunc laudare) of manuscript line 23.

[3]fre almnhtyg|] See freall|mechtig· (Br 9b) for a similar error. Humphreys and Ross 1975 incorrectly read almihtyg for almnhtyg|. Cavill 2000, citing Latin filiis from the previous line as a parallel example, reads almiihtyg with <ii> after <m>. The minims after <m> in the Old English text are clearly joined at the top, however.

[4]halıg scyppend] Added above first two words (potens creauit) of manuscript line 30. Humphreys and Ross 1975 incorrectly read sceppend.