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p. 195 (=f. 100r)
1[ Approx. 28 characters omitted ] Nusculon[1] herıgean heofon|
ƿeard 2meotodes meahte[2] hıs modgeþanc[3] 3ƿeorc|
ƿuldor fæder sƿahe ƿundra gehƿæs 4ee{c}e[4] a{d}rihten[5] or on|
5he ærest sceop eorðan bearnū 6heofonto hrofe|
halıg scyppend· 7þamıddangeard moncynnes ƿeard 8ece[6]|
drıhten æfter teode 9n{r}um[7] foldan frea ælmıhtıg·[ Approx. 3 characters omitted ] 


[1]sculon ...ælmıhtıg·] Large stain obscures some text down outside (right) margin of p. 195.

[2]meahte] <a> ill-formed or damaged.

[3]modgeþanc] <mod> appears to have bled slightly.

[4]ee{c}e] With <c> corrected from some other letter (perhaps a partially completed <e>?).

[5]a{d}rihten] With <d> perhaps corrected from some other letter (<a>?).

[6]ece|] Dobbie 1937 reads éce; the “accent” looks like a stain in facsimile.

[7]n{r}um] With <r> perhaps corrected from some other letter (<n>?).