Tr1 Cambridge, Trinity College, R. 5. 22

A diplomatic transcription

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f.32v1, line 52
Detail of manuscript page showing Cædmon’s Hymn
1[ Approx. 43 characters omitted ] Nu|
pesceolon herıon heofenrıces· peard·2metudesmıhte|
hısmodgeþanc·3peorc puldor feder· spahe pundra|
gehpylc·4ece drıhtenord astealde· 5Hu erust gescop·|

f. 32v2, line 1
Detail of manuscript page showing Cædmon’s Hymn
ylda bearnum·6heofon tohrope·halıgscyppend 7mıddan|
mankynnes peard·8ece drıhten·epter tıda 9pırum|
on poldum euca elııııhtıg· [ Approx. 21 characters omitted ] 

(Image © Master and Fellows, Trinity College, University of Cambridge. Reproduced with permission)