West-Saxon eorðe recension[1]

A critical edition of the recension’s latest text

Based on Hr with collations from CArms, Ld.

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    Nu ƿe sceolon herian      heofonrices ƿeard,

    metudes mihte,      ond his modgeþanc,

    ƿeorc ƿulderfæder      sƿa he

    ærest sceop      eorðe bearnum

5     heofon to hrofe.     

    Þa middangeard,      moncynnes ƿeard,

    ece drihten,      æfter teode

    fyrum on folden,      frea ælmihtig,

    halig scyppend.

Apparatus (Substantive variants)

2b modgeþanc] modreþanc CArms. 3a ƿeorc] seorc CArms. 3b he] he ƿundra gehƿæs ece drihten þa he Ld ƿundre geƿas ece drihten þa he CArms. 8b æfter] tefter Hr. 8b teode] -- CArms. 9a fyrum] sysum CArms. 9b ælmihtig] almnhtyg CArms. 9b scyppend] scyppeod Hr Ld.


[1]The text of the West-Saxon eorðe recension is corrupt. Lineation in this edition and associated apparatus is based on that of the base text, Hr. Ld and CArms have an extra line between the equivalent of 3 and 4 in this edition. See Chapter 7: Editorial introduction, West-Saxon eorðe recension for a discussion.