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This glossary contains entries for the five main recensional editions. Words are alphabetised according to their Northumbrian spelling, where this form is found in the surviving record; otherwise the West-Saxon reflex is used. When West-Saxon and Northumbrian forms are both attested, the West-Saxon headword is printed in parenthesis after the Northumbrian. Cross references help readers in those cases in which the West-Saxon spelling is significantly different from the Northumbrian. The Anglo-Saxon character æ is alphabetised as if it were spelled ae; ƿ is alphabetised as if it were spelled w; þ and ð are alphabetised as if they were spelled th.

aefter (æfter), adv. after, afterwards. æfter aelda æfter eorðan æfter ylda æfter eorðe aefter eordu. 8b.

aelde (ylde), noun. m. i-stem. men. gen. pl. aelda aelda ylda ylda. 5b. See also eorde.

aerist (ærest), adv. superl. first. aerist aelda aerist eordu ærest eorðan ærest ylda ærest eorðe. 5a.

allmectig (ælmihtig), adj. a/ō-stem. almighty. nom. sg. masc. str. allmectig aelda allmechtig eordu ælmihtig eorðan ælmihtig ylda ælmihtig eorðe. 9b.

and (ond), conj. and. and eordu ond eorðan ond ylda ond eorðe. 2b. See also end.

āstellan (āstellan), verb. wk I. establish, institute, ordain. 3. sg. pret. indic. astelidæ aelda astalde eordu astealde ylda. 4b. See also onstellan.

barn (bearn), noun. neut. a-stem. child. dat. pl. barnum aelda bearnum eordu bearnum eorðan bearnum ylda bearnum eorðe. 5b.

dryctin (drihten), noun. masc. a-stem. leader, lord. nom. sg. dryctin aelda drichtin eordu drihten eorðan drihten ylda. 4a. dryctin aelda drichtin eordu drihten eorðan drihten ylda drihten eorðe. 8a.

ēci (ēce), adj. ja/jō-stem. eternal. nom. sg. masc. str. eci aelda eci eordu ece eorðan ece ylda. 4a. eci aelda eci eordu ece eorðan ece ylda ece eorðe. 8a.

end, conj. and. end aelda. 2b. See also and.

eorde (eorðe), noun. fem. n-stem. earth. acc/gen. sg. eordu eordu eorðan eorðan eorðe (see 6.52 for a discussion) eorðe. 5b. See also aelde.

fela, pron. indeclinable. many. acc. fela B1. 3b.

fīras (fīras), noun. masc. pl. a-stem. human beings. dat. pl. firum aelda firum eordu firum eorðan firum ylda fyrum eorðe. 9a.

folde (folde), noun. fem. n-stem. earth. acc. sg. foldu aelda foldu eordu foldan eorðan foldum ylda folden eorðe. 9a.

frēa (frēa), noun. masc. n-stem. ruler, lord. nom. sg. frea aelda frea eordu frea eorðan frea ylda frea eorðe. 9b.

hāleg (hālig), adj. a/ō-stem. holy. nom. sg. str. haleg aelda halig eordu halig eorðan halig ylda halig eorðe. 6b.

hē (hē), pron. pers. 3. masc. he. nom. sg. he aelda he eordu he eorðan he ylda he eorðe. 3b. He aelda He eordu He eorðan He ylda. 5a. gen. sg. his aelda his eordu his eorðan his ylda his eorðe. 2b.

heben (heofon), noun. masc. a-stem. heaven. acc. sg. heben aelda hefen eordu heofon eorðan heofon ylda heofon eorðe. 6a.

hefaenrice (heofonrīce), noun. neut. ja-stem. kingdom of heaven. gen. sg. hefaenricaes aelda hefunricaes eordu heofonrices eorðan heofonrices ylda heofonrices eorðe. 1b.

hergan (herian), verb. wk I. praise, extol. infinitive. hergan aelda herga eordu herigean eorðan herian ylda herian eorðe. 1a.

hrōf (hrōf), noun. masc. a-stem. roof. dat. sg. hrofe aelda hrofe eordu hrofe eorðan hrofe ylda hrofe eorðe. 6a.

gihuā (gehwā), pron. indef. w gen. 3. each, everyone. masc/neut. gen. sg. gihuaes aelda gihuaes eordu gehƿæs eorðan. 3b. See also gihuelc.

gehwilc, pron. indef. w gen. 3. each. neut. acc. sg. gehƿilc ylda. 3b. See also gihuā.

maect (miht), noun. fem. i-stem. might, power. acc. pl. maecti aelda mechti eordu meahte eorðan myhte ylda mihte eorðe. 2a.

metud (meotod), noun. masc. a-stem. “measurer”, creator, ordainer of fate. gen. sg. metudæs aelda metudaes eordu meotodes eorðan metudes ylda metudes eorðe. 2a.

middungard (middangeard), noun. masc. a-stem. earth. acc. sg. middungeard aelda middumgeard eordu middangeard eorðan middangeard eorðe. 7a. dat. sg. middangeard ylda. 7a.

modgidanc (modgeðanc), noun. masc or neut. a-stem. mind's purpose, thought, intention, counsel. acc. sg. modgidanc aelda modgedanc eordu modgeþanc eorðan modgeþanc ylda modgeþanc eorðe. 2b.

moncynn (mancynn), noun. neut. ja-stem. humankind. gen. sg. moncynnæs aelda moncinnes eordu moncynnes eorðan moncynnes eorðe mancynnes ylda. 7b.

nū (nū), adv. now. Nu aelda Nu eorðan Nu eordu Nu ylda Nu eorðe. 1a.

on (on), prep. w dat. on. on eordu on ylda on eorðe. 9a.

ond, See and; also end.

onstellan, verb. wk I. establish, institute, ordain. 3. sg. pret. indic. onstealde eorðan. 4b. See also astellan.

ōr (ōr), noun. neut. a-stem. beginning, origin. acc. sg. or aelda or eordu or eorðan. 4b. See also ord.

ord (ord), noun. neut. a-stem. point, point of beginning, beginning. acc. sg. ord ylda. 4b. See also ōr.

sceppan (scieppan), verb. str 6. shape, create. 3. sg. pret. indic. scop aelda scoop eordu sceop eorðan sceop eorðe. 5a. See also gisceppan.

gisceppan (gescieppan), verb. str 6. shape, create. 3. sg. pret. indic. gescop ylda. 5a. See also sceppan.

sceppend (scieppend), noun. masc. nd-stem. creator. nom. sg. sceppend aelda sceppend eordu scyppend eorðan scyppend ylda scyppend eorðe. 6b.

sculan (sculan), verb. pret-pres. be obliged, shall, must. 1. sg. pret. indic. scylun aelda scwlun eordu sculon eorðan sculon ylda sceolon eorðe. 1a.

sue (swā), adv. as, thus, in such a manner. sue aelda suae eordu sƿa eorðan sƿa ylda sƿa eorðe. 3b.

*tēogan (tēon), verb. wk II. make, create. 3. sg. pret. indic. tiadæ aelda tiade eordu teode eorðan teode eorðe. 8b. See also tīd.

thā (þā), adv. then, next. tha aelda da eordu þa eorðan Þa eorðe. 7a.

þe, pron. rel. indeclinable. who. þe B1. 7a.

tīd, noun. fem. i-stem. time, hour, period. gen. pl. td ylda. 8b. See also tēogan.

til, prep. w dat. as, for. til aelda. 6a. See also to.

tō (tō), prep. w dat. as, for. to eordu to eorðan to ylda to eorðe. 6a. See also til.

uard (weard), noun. masc. a-stem. guardian, protector. nom. sg. uard aelda peard eordu ƿeard eorðan ƿeard ylda ƿeard eorðe. 7b. acc. sg. uard aelda pueard eordu ƿeard eorðan ƿeard ylda ƿeard eorðe. 1b.

uuē (wē), pron. pers. 1. we. nom. sg. pue eordu ƿe ylda ƿe eorðe. 1a.

wer, noun. masc. a-stem. male person, man, hero. gen. pl. ƿeorc eorðan. 3a. See also uerc.

uerc (weorc), noun. neut. a-stem. work, creation. acc. sg/pl. or nom. pl. uerc aelda puerc eordu ƿurc ylda ƿeorc eorðe. 3a.

wuldorgod, noun. masc. a-stem. wonderous God. gen. sg. ƿuldorgodes B1. 3a.

uuldurfadur (wuldorfæder), noun. masc. r-stem. wonderous father. gen. sg. uuldurfadur aelda puldurfadur eordu ƿuldorfæder eorðan ƿuldorfæder ylda ƿulderfæder eorðe. 3a.

uundor (wundor), noun. neut. a-stem. wonder. gen. pl. uundra aelda pundra eordu ƿundra eorðan ƿundra ylda. 3b.